Click on the “theme.liquid” file, and ctrl+F “Facebook Pixel Code”. This will bring you to the section of the code that’s unnecessary, which will look something like the Facebook pixel code example (the entire #2 portion!) highlighted in the image below: Image from


Name your tag something like “Facebook Pixel – Base Code.” Use the Custom HTML tag type and paste your base pixel code (found in the prior step) here. 2. Select Your Trigger. In the Triggering section below your tag, edit and select the “All Pages” Page View trigger. Save your new tag and publish your changes. 2. Use a Partner Integration

In your WordPress dashboard, select “Appearance” on the left-side menu, and click “Theme Editor”. Locate the Theme Header (header.php). Paste the base code at the bottom of the header section, just above the closing head tag. Click “Continue”. Because retargeting with the Facebook Pixel is only effective when you’re tracking 1,000 or more actions per month.

Facebook pixel base code

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Using a Standard Event code you can see how many conversions you’ve had and thus how much you’re per conversion. The Facebook Pixel. Going back to that snippet of HTML code mentioned earlier. (It’s time to make it less scary).

To install the Facebook Pixel code, you need to insert the code in your web pages or your entire website.

16 Apr 2020 What Is the Facebook Pixel? If you're unfamiliar with the Facebook pixel, it's a piece of code that is unique to your ad account. This code tracks the 

Log in to your Facebook Ads Manager or Business Manger and visit 2019-12-01 2020-09-02 · Next, select your pixel under “Data Sources.” Now, click the “Add Events” drop-down and select “From a New Website.” Choose the option to “Install code manually.” Finally, click the button to “Copy Code.” The base pixel code contains your pixel's ID in two places and looks like this: Facebook Pixel Code -->