Optic Chiasm. Optic Tract. Oculomotor Nerve. Page 7. Sheep Brain Dissection Guide. 4. Find the medulla (oblongata) which is an elongation below the pons. Among the cranial nerves, you should find the very large root of the trigeminal ner

Then label the external anatomy diagram with all the structures. Sheep Brain Dissection Name _____ Objectives: 1. List and describe the principal structures of the sheep brain 2. Identify important parts of the sheep brain in a preserved specimen Materials: Dissection tools, lab glasses, lab gloves, preserved specimen External Sheep Brain: The sheep brain is quite similar to the human brain except for proportion. In primates, especially humans, the ventral pons is voluminous and it overlaps the rostral portion of the domestic mammal medulla oblongata. This Sheep Brain Atlas identifies rostral myelencephalon as pons, rather than medulla oblongata.

Pons sheep brain

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transverse c. longitudinal fissure*[sheep whole and frontally sectioned brains]. d. lateral sulcus f.

I just cut, I am cutting off the cerebellum. There is no other structure in the brain that has so constricted an access.

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cerebral peduncles 3. cerebrum 4. corpus 24.

Pons sheep brain

inferior view of sheep brain.

Pons sheep brain

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Pons sheep brain

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after a deep i.m. and lumbo-sacral portion of the spinal cord and an insignificant decrease of amine concentration in the p The pons is next to the medulla.

Sheep brains, although much smaller than human brains, have similar features and can be a valuable addition to anatomy studies. Sheep Brain Metencephalon — Pons Components: [NOTE: * = not paired] Cerebellum . .
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Pons Variollii Medulla Oblongata Optic Nerve Corpus Callosum Lateral Ventricle Lentiform Nucleus Hypothalamus Spinal Cord Hippocampus Superior Inferior Colliculus Colliculus Cerebral Peduncle Central Sulcus Arbor Vitae Occipital Fornix Pituitary Gland Parasagittal Section Sheep Brain – Parasagittal Section

A sheep has a mind which includes an elongated form though a human being provides a mind that features a spherical form. One common issue about human and sheep is that they both of those have the brainstem.


They're both connected.

The sheep has a smaller cerebrum. Also the sheep brain is oriented anterior to posterior whereas the human brain is superior to inferior. 1. Observe th at the brain is covered by three membranes, which collectively are called the meninges.