År 2019 motsvarade Finlands växthusgasutsläpp (exkl. LULUCF-sektorn) 53,1 miljoner ton koldioxidekvivalenter (mn ton CO2- ekv.), vilket var 


Cumulative CO 2 emissions Since 1751 the world has emitted over 1.5 trillion tonnes of CO 2. 2 To reach our climate goal of limiting average temperature rise to 2°C, the world needs to urgently reduce emissions.

Land Tusen ton 0 2M 4M 6M 8M 10M Kina USA Indien Ryssland Japan  Land Ton CO2 per invånare 0 10 20 30 40 50 Qatar Trinidad och Toba Kuwait Bahrain Förenade arabem Brunei Saudiarabien Luxemburg USA Australien  Kol (C) och två syre (O2) väger tillsammans 7,3 x 10^-23 gram per stycket, och 1000 kg koldioxid motsvarar… 1,38 x 10^28 stycken CO2  klimatpåverkan är 10 ton CO2-ekvivalenter per år enligt Naturvårdsverket. Ett ton motsvarar drygt 500 mils bilkörning, 1 flygresa Stockholm-Rom tur och retur. TL;DR: Petter Olson har minskat sin klimatpåverkan från 10 ton CO2 per år till knappt 1 ton under 2018. Förutom 5-7 ton från uteblivna flygresor per år i och med  av J Kollberg · 2019 — The results are finally presented as 'SEK per reduced ton of CO2'; a unit that expresses the required additional investment in order to reduce  Måttet Miljöprojektets effektivitetsgrad (SEK/ton CO2).

Co2 tonnes

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Next release: To be announced. Series ID: K83W What's this? Units: thousand tonnes CO2 equivalent  15 Jan 2021 Porthos, the initiative for carbon capture and storage in Rotterdam, is expected to store an annual amount of 2.5 million tonnes of CO2. 6 Dec 2018 A report released yesterday by a consortium of researchers known as the Global Carbon Project finds that global carbon dioxide emissions from  7 Oct 2020 Gold mines emitted on average 0.8 tonnes of CO2 equivalent for every ounce of gold that was produced in 2019; however, stark differences  Flight carbon footprint calculator · Total Flights Footprint = 0.00 tonnes of CO2e. 29 Oct 2020 over 41 billion cans and bottles have been deposited and put back into the system.

20.08. (Montel) UK company Tata Steel Europe intends to cut annual CO2 emissions by 5m tonnes, or 40%, at its industrial sites in the Netherlands by  Biogen koldioxidutsläpp (CO2-bio) efter näringsgren 2008-2017, ton (8.10.2019); Tabellbilaga 3.

9 Oct 2020 The majority of MPs agreed to setting the price for one tonne of CO2 at 25 euros. As of 1 January 2021, companies that bring petrol, diesel, 

[Tonnes CO2 emissions = tonnes x km x g CO2 per tonne-km / 1.000.000]. CO2 emissions = fuel consumption x fuel emission  The data include emissions from fossil fuel energy needed to power machinery, irrigation pumps and fishing vessels.

Co2 tonnes

A tonne of carbon dioxide is a return trip between Paris and New York by plane. In terms of volume, this represents a cube the size of a three-storey building, or 8.20 metres in edge length.

Co2 tonnes

UT = utsläpp vid traditionell tillverkning,. HB = halt bitumen, vikt %. 1  uppgår de till 63 miljoner ton. Källa (SCB, 2018). Arbetsmaskiner. 3,4 Mton CO2-ekv.

Co2 tonnes

Global carbon (C) emissions from fossil fuel use were 9.795 gigatonnes (Gt) in 2014 (or 35.9 GtCO 2 of carbon dioxide). Fossil fuel emissions were 0.6% above emissions in 2013 and 60% above emissions in 1990 (the reference year in the Kyoto Protocol). Based on a 2015 GDP forecast of 3.1% by the International Monetary Fund, the Global CO 2 emissions from coal use declined by almost 200 million tonnes (Mt), or 1.3%, from 2018 levels, offsetting increases in emissions from oil and natural gas. Advanced economies saw their emissions decline by over 370 Mt (or 3.2%), with the power sector responsible for 85% of the drop. Milder weather in many large economies compared with 2018 had an important effect on the trends Global emissions in 2016 (minus cross-boundary emissions), as the sum of those in the chart, was approximately 34 to 35 billion tonnes of CO 2.
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2.68 per litre. Petrol.

These CO2 emissions can easily be calculated with our carbon footprint calculators and then compensated by investing in our climate projects. A calculator that allows users to translate abstract greenhouse gas amounts into concrete terms that are easy to understand. Creates: tonnes of CO2: Volume of CO2: m 3: ft 3: Height in m 3 units Yellow table above displays results.
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(Montel) UK company Tata Steel Europe intends to cut annual CO2 emissions by 5m tonnes, or 40%, at its industrial sites in the Netherlands by  Biogen koldioxidutsläpp (CO2-bio) efter näringsgren 2008-2017, ton (8.10.2019); Tabellbilaga 3. Ammoniakutsläpp (NH3) efter näringsgren 2008-2017, ton  För varje ton CO2 som tillförs atmosfären smälter 3 m2 av Arktis havsis, i genomsnitt. Källa: Science. 2019-09/artikel1-arctic-ice-photo-pexels.jpg  Kommuninvests gröna obligationer bidrar till att minska CO2-utsläppen med 643 000 ton årligen. Kommuninvest publicerar idag sin årliga  av emissionsfaktorer för koldioxid (CO2). Denna Samtliga värden representerar utsläpp av fossil koldioxid (kg CO2, Lastbil med vikt >3,5 ton men utan släp. År 2006 var AP Fastigheters koldioxidutsläpp för värme, kyla och el 21500 ton, prognosen för 2008 är 9300 ton, vilket innebär en mer än halvering av utsläppen.

Lenovo CO2 Offset Services Offsets 26,000 Metric Tonnes as Global Rollout Points to a Sustainable Future for Retail. 5 January 2021. In just nine months, 

Så mycket avfall kommer till Stockholm Exergi för behandling varje år. Det skulle CO2-utsläppen från hushållsavfall. Results: The results summarise a carbon dioxide emission of about 313 tonnes of CO2 equivalents for project Västjädra with Portland cement, while the  BE Group jobbar vidare med att minimera företagets miljö- och klimatpåverkan. Förra året hamnade CO2-utsläppen på 3,2 kilo per sålt ton, vilket är en minskning  De konsumtionsbaserade utsläppen per svensk var 2016 var ca 10 ton CO2-ekvivalenter enligt uppgift · från Naturvårdsverket. Klimatnytta 1: Kol i skogen. En skog  478 tonnes CO2 saved for QinetiQ battery production plant.

Similarly, on a 20-year timescale, CO 2-eq emissions increased from 1,189 million tonnes to 1,222 million tonnes. THREE SHIP CLASSES AND SIX FLAG STATES ACCOUNT FOR MOST CO 2 EMISSIONS Three ship classes accounted for 55% of the total shipping CO 2 emissions: container CO2 emissions (metric tons per capita) Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center, Environmental Sciences Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee, United States. License : CC BY-4.0 2019-07-19 · How your flight emits as much CO2 as many people do in a year.